Maeve Cook

I work with oil, charcoal and colour pencil. My artworks are inspired by history, antique, fairy tales and my own imagination. I like to draw and paint portraits and sceneries mixed with my imagination. I make them convincingly realistic as well as capturing enchanting sceneries and unusualness found in daily life.


3824 Beaver Avenue
For Wayne, IN 46807
Cell: 260-443-2797


  • Drawing
  • Oils
  • Painting
  • Pencil
  • Charcoal


I was born in Japan in 1989 and spent most of my time there until I moved to Indiana in 2015. However I was raised in a multilingual and multicultural environment which gave complexity to my cultural background. I have never been taught art otherwise as a subject in elementary and middle school. With family and friends' encouragement, I decided to make a professional career as an artist this year. For a moment I am focusing on creating more pieces while keeping myself busy with two toddlers at home, to prepare for art fairs, exhibitions and juried exhibitions.